No Deposit Real Money at Casinos

Casinos are not renowned for giving money away, but, believe it or not, this does happen. Real money can be received through special offers, but there are, as you might expect, some strings attached. Keep reading to learn more.

How No Deposit Offers Work

Offering real money for nothing sounds very counter-intuitive, but there is a reason for it. No deposit bonuses are a way to entice potential players into becoming actual gamblers, and the restrictions (more below) reduce the possible losses a casino might suffer.

You can find no deposit bonuses by either searching individual casino websites or checking out review sites. The latter is handier because they collate lists of offers from various casinos so you can more easily compare them. Special offers usually come with a code to activate them (done via the 'cashier' section), but sometimes they're activated automatically, with no code required.

Free Real Money

real  no deposit  bonus

Free cash comes in two varieties, small and flexible, and large and time-limited. The small sum is often around $25 or so and can be spent on a wide range of games. The time-limited amount will be significantly larger but with only an hour (for example) to play. If you exceed the starting sum by the end of the time limit (when the free cash disappears) any profits you made can be kept as real money.

That sounds pretty good, being money for nothing. But there are drawbacks. The two most common are the withdrawal cap and the wagering requirement. Almost all such offers have an upper limit on winnings, usually a few hundred dollars. On top of that, the wagering requirement is the total value of bets that have to be made in order to be eligible to withdraw any winnings. This can vary quite a bit, from perhaps 20-30 times the value of the bonus at the lower end to 50 times the value at the higher end (so a small cash sum of $30 might have a wagering requirement of $1,500).

Referral and Other Bonuses

real  no deposit  bonus

In addition to the two promotions mentioned above, casinos often offer real money for referring a friend. The mechanics of this can differ somewhat, with money being paid out upon a friend registering or making a first deposit. It's also worth knowing the two restrictions will almost certainly apply here as well.

Although not cash per se, free spins and free credits are practically identical to the real money promotions above. The only difference with these no deposit offers is that they're tied to specific slots/games, whereas cash bonuses are more flexible. Again, the withdrawal cap and wagering requirement will apply.

If you fancy gambling but dislike the thought of losing, no deposit promotions can be the way to go. Just be aware that there are restrictions, and don't be afraid to browse for the best deal because there are plenty out there.